Tiger Lily Estates at Gilreath Farms is an assisted living and memory care community founded on the principles of embracing, empowering, and experiencing life to its fullest. At Tiger Lily, we intend to change the approach to senior care. While aging lessens our abilities, we can continue to grow forward in many ways with new experiences and purpose in each day. Tiger Lily Estates aspires to help you embrace life and to write your story forward.

Empowering Purpose

As we have honored the history of the Gilreath Farm by restoring its regal Homestead, we have built on that legacy with new purpose. Similarly, our Tiger Lily team collaborates with residents to empower their aspirations and respect their legacy with dignity. Perhaps Mark Twain said it best; “The two most important days in your life, the day you are born and the day you find out why.” If you’ve found your purpose in life, we want to enhance that experience. If you’re still searching, we want to enrich your personal journey in a safe and comforting environment. From our founder to our wellness team, our commitment is to create a supportive community where you or your family member can pursue meaning and beauty every day.

Embracing Life

Our team understands that seniors adapt more easily to smaller group settings. Our individual cottages are designed to sustain a healthy sense of community with twenty-three resident apartments per cottage. Each of our craftsman-built homes features an accessible garden in the courtyard. Residents enjoy nutritious and comforting meals in their own cottage dining room, prepared by a professional chef/nutritionist. In addition to the intimacy of our cottage setting, the community amenities are easily accessible, providing engagement and activity in our wellness center, physician’s room, physical therapy, beauty salon, and multipurpose community room.

Our staff-to-resident ratio is determined by individual needs, not by an arbitrary number. Individuals are aligned with a designated Wellness Partner to provide consistent and clear communication with family members.

Experiencing Wholeness

Tiger Lily Estates is unique in our focused approach to life enrichment. Going beyond the essential safety and security of your loved ones’ care, we want to inspire them to Embrace Living, to Empower Purpose, and to Experience Wholeness. We know at any age, the secret of healthy living requires experiencing and balancing the S.P.I.C.E.S. of life – the Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, Emotional, and Spiritual components. These essential elements need to be nurtured and cared for in a balanced, “Whole Person” manner. While it may not be possible to restore certain abilities in an individual, we focus on what can be maintained, maximized, and improved. Our team’s approach to care is individualized to each resident’s capability.

Our story is not over when life events change, and we face new challenges. We can discover new ways to move forward with the bounty of wisdom and experience gained, and to write the next chapters.